What We Do

We facilitate pro bono working between not-for-profit organisations and those involved in the PR and communications industry.

Our goal is to promote pro bono working by connecting organisations who have a shared passion and want to work together to make a difference. Our support ensures that the partnership runs smoothly and is mutually beneficial.

By sharing and building on success stories, our vision is that pro bono working is standard practice in the communications industry.


Ramping Up Pro Bono – Why And How

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Passion Partnership In Action

We exist to match, mentor and build a pro bono community.


Share Brief   >   Register Interest   >   Make Connection   >   Partnership Agreement


Kick Off – Agree Action   >  Action Immerse – Goal-set – Create – Deliver   >  Exit Assess Impact – Discuss Legacy


Get Togethers   Chatting with Friends   –   Passion Dinners   Share Stories   –   Passion in Practice   Sharing Experiences   –   AGM   Co-create the Future